Engineered Mechatronics

Mechatronic Systems are Cyber Physical systems whose performance is determined by the complex interaction between physical systems, computer hardware, computer software, and human beings and other living beings

Mechatronic systems have become ubiquitous. From automobiles and planes to consumer appliances to human-implanted micro-medical devices, they are everywhere. In general, human life has become more comfortable, entertaining, and safer.

However, as the scope and complexity of these systems is exponentially growing, so is the difficulty of engineering these systems, and so are the possibilities for catastrophic failures.

Mechatronic system failures growing in scope, frequency and severity

How should we engineer these mechatronic systems to minimize or eliminate failures? This is the driving force behind Engineered Mechatronics.

We believe that it is imperative to adopt an engineering process that inherently promotes accountability and knowledge re-use, without thwarting engineering innovation, or becoming a burden for the practicing engineer. We develop product solutions to support such processes.